So I guess I should make a post right!?

I’ll have you all know yesterday I was supposed to get a job and I did not. And by supposed to, I mean was just really hoping to. So to make myself feel better I went shopping and bought a bunch of things, and now everything is all good! I spent all my birthday money (and then some?) but it’s okay because when you’re sad you’re allowed to not care about money for a day or so.

Apart from that I’m not doing anything magnificent. I started playing metro 2033,  although I’m nowhere near anywhere near into it yet. (Pretty sure I’m JUST past chapter one) so that should be good…or something. I can’t lie I just got it because I have a strange fascination with gas masks. Don’t ask about that one LOL.


I got darksiders, crackdown 2, and the saboteur this week, so those have been added to my backlog. Maybe I’ll go make a gigantic list of all the games I need to finish/start and have you guys vote on the games I should finish next. Actually that’s exactly what I am going to do. (I would tell you to hold on a second while i made the list if you weren’t reading this, and not like actually speaking to me. also I have no clue who I’m talking to there. lol but hi!)


First I’ll start with games I’ve played some or most of but haven’t finished for whatever reason.

  1. army of two
  2. gears of was
  3. ghost recon
  4. halo reach
  5. L.A noire
  6. halo wars
  7. the orange box
  8. gta IV
  9. ninja gaiden
  10. splinter cell D.A
  11. assassins creed
  12. and I’m now playing metro 2033

Now onto the games I haven’t played at all yet

  1. Black ops (campaign obvs I’ve played online)
  2. alone in the dark
  3. crackdown 2
  4. darksiders
  5. stranglehold



Uh so I have a 17 game backlog? I better get crackalackin! Lemme know what game I should play after I finish metro 2033 in the comments! or not! That’s cool too! BAI!


4 responses to “So I guess I should make a post right!?

  • Zombicidalmanic

    I really enjoyed darksiders a lot as for the others… Meh get to them when you get to them lol

  • Ashley

    Yeah the cute guy at EB games was like “What a fantastic title.” Then he proceeded to ask me if it was a gift for someone, instantly making me hate him.

    Anyway, that’s one vote for darksiders lol

  • Tony Burgio

    my vote is for stranglehold even though it’s super cheesy.

    or assassin’s creed, which i love but was disappointed in the ending. (assuming this means the 1st one.)

  • Ryan K (@RyanK_OutsideLA)

    You can’t go wrong with the Assassin’s Creed series. I was surprised by Army of Two: The 40th Day. The first was okay but the sequel was a load of fun. Get some XBL going, Army of Two was meant to be played coop!

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