Birthday Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday!! YAY! I went out with my uncle for lunch, and then afterwards I went out with my dad, his girlfriend, and my aunt. I think we’re also doing something this weekend, but I’m not sure.

After dinner I went out to a bar with my friend, and we had a few drinks, and a pretty fun time was had by all. His birthday was the 20th so it was fun to celebrate them both. I was all “Bah my husband is an jerk! bahrgh!” so thanks to him for putting up with my drunken ramblings.


My dads girlfriends got me some clothes too, she has really cute style, so I was happy about that! I got a cute romper, a cover-up A shirt and a skirt, and then my dad got me a nacklace, so that was awesome!


I think there’s a good chance I might get my nipples pierced today. I don’t know why i’m saying this. probably so I don’t chicken out. LOL. (I probably will chicken out. maybe. possibly.)


Kay I love you bai bai!


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