AMAZING weekends ftw!

Goddamn I needed to be in Canada I had no clue how much my spirit was dying in the states until I got home. I had an amazing weekend.

I ate at robin des bois ( ) Which is a restaurant in montreal run almost entirely by volunteers, and all proceeds go to charity, It was pretty amazing.

I tried some duck confit salad, which was nothing short of amazing. Also a proscuitto cheeseburger that was to die for.

Then I went out for drinks with my cousin and her friends. we came back, had a cleansing ritual in the woods,  and had like a 2 hour chat about everything in her kitchen while eating amazingly fresh pita  and homemade hummus.

It was pretty much an amazing weekend with awesome food/people/atmosphere, it was great.

My cousin gave me a beautiful card and bowl for my birthday from some of her handmade pottery, and they’re awesome. I’m so happy. 🙂

Then as soon as I got home (Like five minutes later lol), I went to constance bay ontario, which is my hometown, so I spent time on the beach, making a huge sand fortress, and basically enjoying the summertime. it was an awesome end, to an awesome weekend.


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