I’m home!

I have been home for a week now, and since I have gotten her I have gone to bluesfest, and a horse ranch, died my hair and had it cut, gotten a doctors appointment,made my resume, applied to numerous jobs, and basically been frigging awesome and on the ball. I know now, I am frigging determined to have a good, life, and it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t/wont involve my future-ex-husband. I am going to work on getting an apartment in hull, once I have a job somewhere, and I am going to get my doggy back, and everything is going to be fine.


I’m thinking of taking a bartending course in september… it’s 15 weeks, but it’s pretty intensive, going over flair bartending, bar law, mixology, maximizig profits, etc and there’s even a 40 hour job placement…. which is pretty awesome. It’s like 1200$ but I think my dad would pay for it if I told him I would pay him back. shiet he’d probably pay for it even if I didn’t. Although thats just an assumption. I would have to go to the school and see if I could get in as a mature student, but I don’t foresee that being a problem for a bartending course.


This weekend I’m going to montreal, so that should be awesome. I shall take pictures! It’s the weekend before my birthday too, So I’m going to try to convince my cousin that she has to take me out somewhere in montreal. If she’s reading this, she is forewarned lol!

That’s pretty much all that’s going on in my life right now. I’m surprisingly happy to be home.. I thought I would be a lot more upset, but it’s good here. I don’t feel the stress I felt in the states at all. I got a little sad and upset yesterday, but apart from that, I’m gravy baby!


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