an excercised dog is..

A happy dog! Jack is currently passed out… He is currently way beyond the realm or normal sleepyness for him at this time. Why is that you ask?

Well yesterday we went to the dog park. It was such a beautiful day, and I thought It would be good for jack to be around other doggies. I was wrong. Jack is the type of dog that is just a little bit….rude. He’s..7/8 months old and frankly he is a little pain in the ass. He jumps on other doggies, before even saying hi. Other doggies oftentimes don’t like 40 lbs of  hyper hitting them like a cannonball. Sometimes dogs get snarly, as was the case yesterday. Everyone knows that there are altercations when you decide to let random dogs run together. It’s just what happens. some doggies are just not as tolerant as others. Jack always seems to find the LEAST tolerant doggie, and affix himself to it. If anything were to ever happen in terms of a full blown fight, Jack would undoubtedly be blamed, regardless of who bit first, and I highly doubt he would back down if another dog attacked him, so I have decided that we will not ever be going back to a dog park. That is just a risk I am not willing to take with my babycakes.

So I have had to improvise. I set out to find long leashes that could allow him to run as if he was free, but still be a safe leashed setting where I could get him back quickly should he chose to not listen to me. I found that the longest leash I could find in stores was about 30 feet. Long, but not long enough for free running/catch/etc etc. So I decided I was going to make my own. A trip to the hardware store, and about 25$ later ( and this was after I begged my husband to buy me a 5 dollar water bottle with a clip, for walks even though I have 50-leven water bottles, and could have gotten a 1.00$ carabiner instead. sorry hun!)  and I have found myself a very happy doggie.

I got 2 carabiners, 2 welded shut O rings, and a 75 foot rope. I made it all into a makeshift leash, and away we went.

He wore his harness with it so he wouldn’t kill himself if he hit the end of his boundries while running full tilt.

The upside is that the way it’s fashioned, I can wear it attached to me, (either around my waist, or across my chest) or I can attach it to something else (a fence/pole/etc) and play with him… The downside is that a 40 lb dog, running at full tilt for 75 feet can pick up some speed. Enough to give the 100 lb girl on the other end of that 75 feet some serious whiplash.  I probably have a slight concussion from when my husband underestimated how long 75 feet was, and threw the ball about a million miles away. It was almost like a cartoon where the dog is running and the human is flopping along behind it in the air.


That being said, we played fetch for a bit, and he absolutely LOVED it. I have never ever seen him so happy. He would run back to me, drop to the ground and roll around in happy dog circles until he was all tangled, and then he would run full speed for it (after being untangled obviously.) and do it all over again. Just a silly happy puppy, and with no worries that another dog will run up and attack him, and blame me.


So really we both win!

I’m attaching a picture so you can see what in the sam hell I am going on about.  It’s basically a really long rope, with a clip on one end, and a loop/clip on the other end.

It’s not the most glamorous, but it gets the job done so far. I’d eventually like to buy a stronger/higher quality rope, but for like 15$ before taxes and stuff, this is deal-withable for now.




3 responses to “an excercised dog is..

  • thenakedlistener

    For a split second there, I read your headline as “an exorcised dog” – which I thought to myself, gawd, what’s the world coming to now???

  • mike

    our dog will bolt if she sees another dog so unfortunately she has to be on a leash all the time. so was looking for a long leash too a few months ago but couldn’t find anything long enough. a retractable (anti-whiplash…sorta) leash with about 100 yards would be awesome. if you find one please post.

    • Ashley

      I haven’t found anything like that… the best I have seen is 30 foot nylon leads (just like long regular leashes), but when I was looking even they were kinda hard to find. That’s why we made our own..

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