busy day

Today was a busy busy day. Okay, that’s not entirely true, I spent the day lounging about. I can really get used to only volunteering three times a week.

Today, me and jack went for a walk, and I put a huge dent on the mountainous pile of magazines my mother in law gave me. Speaking of things she game me, my mother in law remembered that I was going to try and start a small herb garden, so she bought me these:

It’s nice when somebody thinks of you, even if it’s for something small like that. So anyway, I have filled them with potting soil, and some herbs and I really hope they grow me some pretty yummy stuff. If not, I give up and am going to buy some damned herb plants from a nursery or garden store or something. I am a plant killer.

I also did THIS today:

That my friends is my very first American library card! (AND my loaned books thanks to said library card!) I’m super excited, I love reading, Which you would never be able to tell taking into account my horrible spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

We also did this today!

das right, Our doggy FINALLY has tags of his own! I don’t anticipate him ever getting out or away, but now if he does, people will know where to find us to bring him back! also the font is super cute!

He looks less than impressed by his new blang blang.

Oh god did I…did I just say blang blang? moving on!

We brought him with us to the store, because we want to socialise him in as many situations as possible. He acted very much like a 6-7 month old, very excitable puppy. I can’t wait to take some obedience training with him, he can be very hyper sometimes.

The floor of the store was super slippery, so basically all he did was run in place and got super tired, so we ended up going him with a pant-ey red eyed super tired doggy. something like this.

Mostly I just thought this picture was cute. He looks so happy when he’s panting!

Last but not least to end off the day we went and stuffed our innards with donuts to celebrate jackelope being awesome.

He’s like “gimme my noms lady!” I hardly ever give jack hooman food, but today was a treat! He is now Neutered, utd on shots, and has tags with his name/address and phone number. He is ours. The next step is registering him, and getting pitty insurance, but that will come probably in a few months, when I can get a job.

One last picture to end off the post… If this is not the face of doggie bliss, I don’t know what is.

To top ALL of that off, me and jack went for a 2 mile walk since I was home today. So I guess I really did get a lot done today.


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