Having a pit is hard

We have run into problems with having jack… okay, that may be taking things a bit far. Jackelope is a wonderful dog. He is by far, the best dog I have ever had.. So I guess really, our problem isn’t with jack. our problem is with other peoples perceptions of jack. Because jack is a pit bull, I feel tremendous pressure…pressure for jack to be absolutely perfect, because well if he’s not, it just goes to show that pit bulls are horrible dogs. I’m talking about in other people’s perceptions, Obviously I love pitties, and think they’re great, but other people don’t.

I can’t count the amount of times people look at him tentatively and ask if he’s friendly, or they’ll specifically ask what kind of dog he is, knowing quite clearly he is a pit. I know that most people ask owners before they pet random dogs, but I still always feel like this is *JUST* because he’s a pit bull.

On more than one occasion, we have been out and about, and people have outright been bashing pit bulls directly to our faces, despite how good he is… like he isn’t our dog or something.

I cry, every single time I see a beat up or hurt pit bull. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I’m tearing up right now. C’mon people, are you REALLY this cruel and ignorant? do you *REALLY* think a breed of dog, hardly any genetically different from your beloved lab or retriever or whatever generic dog you have is going to be a horrible monster? You really think these dogs just up and snap with no outside influence? honestly now. think with your damned brains.

ANY breed of dog can bite, either an animal or human. I once read that up to like 90% of reported pit bull bites weren’t actually pit bulls. How many times have you heard of a dog attacking, and somebody said “oh, I bet it was a pit bull!”

As they often say, “Blame the deed, not the breed.” Pit bulls are wonderful dogs. maybe through the help of good responsible owners, and re-educating the public on these loving wonderful dogs, they can become the perfect dogs that deep down inside, they want to be.

This post had no real point…I’m just upset because I love my doggy, and a lot of people don’t, for something that is of no fault to him, or any other doggy like him.


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