I can’t write.

I got my computer back working, thanks to a new HDD, today! yay!

I can’t think of anything worth blogging about on a daily basis. Especially not something anyone would give a shit about. I’m definitely not cut out for this blog thing, and now i’m so far behind on the One a day thing, it really does feel like every post I make increases my shame at not doing a good job. It kinda makes making a post challenging.

The kids at school are getting used to me… they’ve started to call me “miss ashley”

We found a cute bakery for doggie stuff…. we got Jack a harness, but it doesn’t fit him, so we’re going to exchange it for some toys, and maybe a cupcake or something.

Since we have the money now, we’re going to get him neutered soon. We haven’t gotten to go to the dog park for awhile since he isn’t neutered… It’s kinda a bummer because he really needed the release of evergy…


after his breaking of like 5 of my husbands games, and game cases, our dog is officially crated during the day, and honestly, it’s going pretty well… he doesn’t whine or bark, and he goes in it happily on his own… and as a bonus, he hasn’t peed or pood in the house since we’ve been crating him! yay!

HE played with his girlfriend georgia on sunday, and even had his first ever bath!


Apart from dog news, I never have anything to talk about, I am fucking boring lol!

So since my computer is back, i can blog about nothing again, that will be fun. (not for you guys though! muahahah!)

If you believe my word, and not the depressed look on his face, he actually did very good in the bath. he tried to get out once, and then he was just resigned to bathing. He didn’t LIKE it, but he accepted it.


And now i must depart because i have no things to speak out of my fingetips anymore.


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