back with a bang!

I have been having computer problems this week and as such, I have given up on posting almost completely. I can use my husbands computer, but his heyboards keys are weirdly “off” from mine, and as such I make horrible typos (more than usual!!) and it’s highly frustrating.  That teemed with the fact that I have to use internet explorer, and there’s no point even bothering!

anywhoo I’M HAVING A CONTEST!!!!

okay so YOU technically can’twin anything but a pat on the back, so it’s not really exciting.

see way back when, my husbands gamertag used to be “girthypirate” so when we played together,our gamertags were

“girthypirate” and “a busty wench”

it was witty! it was great! it may have been a little lame! but now, he has changed his gamertag, and frankly I am tired of people asking if I’m really actually busty, and or calling me a rusty wrench. I swear, people on xbox live can’t read.

so I’m asking you! yes you! the internet, to help me choose a new gamertag! It can be funny or serious, whatever. I’d like it to have some sort of indication that I am female, because I hate talking and being automatically called a faggot (that happens almost everytime I talk btw)

so comment! or @reply me on twitter, and suggest a gamertag! maybe I’ll hold a poll… maybe I’ll draw names from a hat! maybe I’ll just chose the one I like the most! who knows!

If you don’t suggest things, I will find you, and tell you I am not mad… I’m just dissappointed… and everyone knows that’s the worst thing someone can say.


One response to “back with a bang!

  • Tony

    Rusty Wrench is actually a pretty hilarious name xD

    Why not make it something game-related? Like from Bio-Shock or Fallout, or Dead Space. I suck at coming up with names but maybe that’ll give you some ideas…

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