being pimped out.

Help, my mother in law is pimping out my services.  (By services I mean sweet sweet crafting skills!)

See she works in a school, and so I said “hey if you need help, I can come in and do whatever…” to be honest I needed some structure to my days, and she can always use help… so she was like “sure!”

so now I’m pretty much working in a school, (and by working i mean volunteering which is like working but without the sweet caching! of money in the bank lol) and oddly as much as I not so secretly dislike children, I like working there… yesterday I put away books, and cut out stuff, and

 today I did crafts!! kinda.

It’s funny though, every teacher she comes across now she’s like ” hey, if you need anything…*looks over at me with a gleam in her eyes*”

In the long run, I can’t work, and months without work look bad on resumes, so at the worst this will be a great reference.

In other news today a little girl came up to me and was like “you’re really pretty….No Homo.” uh what?! LOL kids are funny. also this schools is GHETTO, so I’m sure there will be enough stories to last me a million and one blog posts.

other golden comments. “I’ll use whateva colour I want! You best get out my bizness!” yeah that was said by a kindergarten student. yay!


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