I didn’t die

Look bloggers/readers I didn’t die! I was lying in bed with jack and he stretched his legs and knocked over my laptop which now refuses to boot, so that’s highly annoying. I’m using my husbands computer which is also annoying because we both internet a lot, so I can forsee us fighting over it.

I got a bunch’o needles today, so I’m a little sad panda-ey (yeah, that’s a word. bite me.)for immigration, you need your immunization records (mmr, vericella, and tetnus)… Yeah my doctor didn’t have them, and since I didn’t remember the name of the doctor I had before her, I just opted to get the immunizations again. not. fun.

Actually tomorrow I have to go back to get the MMR, because they didn’t have it in stock…I’m starting to feel like a pincushion.

On wendsday, I am going to be helping my mother in law at her work. Obviously (since I can’t legally work here) it’sjust volunteer, but it will probably help when I actually CAN get a job, as a resume filler and a good reference, so that’s cool…I’m excited lol

Thats pretty much it. I’ll totally try to not dissappear again…lol not that anyone noticed lol.


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