Today we went to a vintage store, but I didn’t take my camera because tomorrow we’re going downtown to shop and I wanted to take pictures then. that leaves me with the conundrum of what to write about today.

So today I have decided that Jack is ours. It’s not like I was holding out hope of finding his original owners or anything, but it was always in the back of my mind, like “what if we do find them?!” but i’ve scoured missing pet sites,  posted ads saying he was found on craigslist, we asked at the shelter if anyone was looking for him and we’re in the area all the time, so we would have seen missing pet ads… It’s been almost three months, if you haven’t put out a reasonable effort to find your lost dog after three months, you probably didn’t care all that much to begin with… My husband and I love jack to bits, and frankly we have cleaned up too much of his shit now, to let him go to a home that doesn’t care that he is missing.

Also it is impossible to keep him still to take photographs, but uh, just so you all know, Jack is getting HUGE. okay, maybe he’s just huge to me because he was so tweensy when he got here, but he’s big now! when he got here I believe he was just under 30lbs (maybe even closer to 25) he’s now around 40 lbs. He’s still not a huge dog by any stretch of the imagination, but he’s also tough as hell, and fast… my sister in law’s dog is a bulldog something or other, that’s 70 lbs and he can damned well hold his own against her. (mostly cause she’s a 70 lb tubber lol)

so pics incoming, cuteness overload!

I had to hold his ball under my chin while I took these pictures. It was probable a pretty ridiculous sight.

I have a pretty cute doggie if I do say so myself!


Anyways I got all cranky today because  I wore ridiculously impractical shoes, and my husband parked super far from the place I wanted to go so I was all  😡 grr!

I have no fucking idea what I am doing in this picture, but this is what I wore today…

an American apparel unitard (lol unitard) and a sweater I found in a thrift store for like 3 bucks…and it’s from white house/black market so that was probably a goddamn steal.. I don’t know we don’t have that store in Canada, but their stuff seems expensive online. The only reason I took this picture is because I needed proof I didn’t look fat. most of the time I look fat in the mirror (to myself) but then I’ll take a picture and be like “oh. guess not.. :/” so yeah.

Also I fucking love these shoes, but they’re supremely uncomfortable, I think they need inserts lol but they HAVE inserts already because they’re a half size too big because the store I got them from doesn’t have half sizes apparently.

woah I didn’t want to make a post today, and look! I forced myself and it became a TL;DR blab fest. oh well… see ya tomorrow!

no wait!  okay so I’m not very fashionable. I’ve been trying more recently because well I’m getting older, and I feel I need to dress better…Maybe atleast try and make it LOOK like I might have accomplished something.

Anyways, I have never owned a pair of designer anything. I’ve never even paid attention to higher end clothing because I could never afford it, but OH MY GOD. I need these shoes. seriously I pretty much love everything about them…

goddamn they’re sexy. I’ve only seen them on a fashion blogger once, and once on ebay, but not in my size, and in like a zebra print, and i was like “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-”

seriously before I die, I hope to own these.

I also kind of like the boot version, but nowhwere near as much as I LOVE these.

ok bye for real now!


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