random acts of kindness.

so yesterday I looked at my valentines day balloons, and I thought…you know…these could make more than just me happy. so I decided to go out and make some people happy!


I didn’t get any good pictures of the people with their balloons…

I was laughing cause I got all tangled in my balloons and almost died!




look at these poor little flowers! They think it’s spring already… I hope we don’t get a frost again.. 😦


I gave away 5/6 of the balloons I brought out with me. some people seemed very apprehensive about taking balloons from strangers lol. oh well.


This was going home. My husband was trailing behind and I turned around to see wtf he was doing, just as he took a picture. I have photograph spidey senses. This was us walking home as we had finished our balloon givery, mostly because it had gotten cold and we walked like 1.5 miles each way, and we’re the lazy types so we were tired.

This is a cool theater sign near us that my husband wanted to take a picture of… yay filler!




All these pictures suck, i’m never letting my husband take pictures again LOL they’re worse than mine! and mine are horrible too!

i joust found this one, this is another instance of me sensing he was taking a picture, and turning around right away. that spidey sense is due to years of never allowing myself to be photographed. years! once my grandmother snapped a picture of me, and i made her delete it. i’m a little less nuts now. a little…

also wasn’t it pretty out? it was also like a beautiful 10C (i dunno what that is in F) out! lovely weather!


Ooh i just found a picture!


This guy said he was going to take it home to his wife, because it’s never too late for valentines day! awwwwhhhhhh ❤ sorry it’s so dark, but whatever. it was night time!




oh yeah. it was almost 20celcius today. that’s like 60 something Fahrenheit and that’s warm. also I spelled Fahrenheit right on my first try, but i have had the most trouble spelling the simplest of words in this blog for some reason… bad day.


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