reading a kindle in my nook

okay so i have had the kindle for about a day, and already i am obsessed with it. i’ve read the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, and more than half of a restaurant at the end of the universe, and i have a long lists of books to get into next. it’s pretty much making my existance that much better.


in other news i have been listening to a lot of swing music lately… I think the first time i heard swing esque music is when playing fallout 3/bioshock and since i loved both those games, and the music played such a huge part of the atmosphere for both, it really brought to the forefront music i might not have known about, or listened to otherwise. so kudos to video games introducing me to something new i like!


I played call of duty black ops today. man that game and me don’t get along… i mean i wasn’t great at any of the call of duty’s (except WaW I was pretty beast at that) but black ops is somehow the worst one for me. I get my arse kicked in, so i tend to spend less time actually playing, and more time pissing people off with the tactical knife/tomahawk/crossbow. atleast i don’t noob tube right?!! riiigggghhhhhttt!?!


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