it’s spring!

OKAYYYY so the weather here has been gorgeous, as far as february weather goes, and frankly it’s really tricking me into thinking that it might be spring time!

even flowers are blooming! so i’ve taken it upon myself to stock up on some spring and summer clothing essentials, and now that the springness of it all is in my head, nobody can tell me it isn’t.

so my first shipments of things arrived today. yes i said first shipments. lol i have 3 more orders from target coming, one (or more) from forever 21, one from old navy. and thats it i believe… i have got my shop on, hardcore.


anywhoo we can start with the first orders stuff!

i got, a maxi dress, a bathing suit, wedge heels, a basic tank top, and a purse! whee!

sorry it’s pretty fuzzy, i’m too lazy to upload another one.


i’ve never owned a maxi because i think they make people look fat, so i don’t know how much i’ll actually be wearing this. honestly though i think its pretty cute…


also disregard the hat, it’s my “i haven’t showered in far too long, please don’t actually look at me, look.”


look! it’s a bathing suit! this is one of those things that i hate to wear in public. disregard everything bad in this picture. especially my fat thighs. disregard those complete me. i wish i knew photoshop.



anyways, that’s my haul. or my pre big haul, haul. more about my shopping addiction when the rest of my items come! yay items!



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