valentines day dinner!

Today i surprised my husband with a homemade dinner today as a valentines day treat. i made a Caesar salad to start, spinach and artichoke lasagna, and roasted broccoli with a cookie pie as dessert.  I’m trying to eat more/mostly vegetables, so this fully vegetarian (apart from the caesar dressing lol) dinner is a step in the right direction.


also, making dinner SOUNDS easy, but i totally walked 1.3 miles (one way) through a sketchy…ish area to go to the grocery store to get the goods,  also some creepy old man that looked like an older, black Steve Buscemi tried to pick me up, and that was weird.


I’ve noticed people in the states don’t really…walk anywhere…it’s not good!



The cake is a lie. this is a pie! and cookie. all the chocolate chips dropped to the bottom, but it didn’t matter this thing was just short of heavenly. also, you couldn’t taste it, but i added toffey bits too. because nothing says decadence like chocolate chip toffey bit cookie dough, baked into a pie crust.


this is our meal! and also my husband acting silly. note the dog cage behind him. our dog has never once been in it.

although once when drunk i went in it, and pictures were taken. twas an interesting night. probably….

moooving on,

ballooons. I was all pissy cause my husband didn’t say happy valentines day to me this morning… i mean it was our 1st valentines day as  a married couple, and our 2 month wedding anniversary which isn’t really anything, but still i wanted it to be good!

when he got home from work he showed up with these balloons and chocolate and everything was forgiven. honestly i would have been fine with just that… then he asked me to come into the living room, and gave me a kindle!!!! SQUEE!! oh dudes i have been wanting an e-reader for about. er not that long, really, lol like 2 months, but still this is AWESOME!



this was our lasagna!  my husband said it was the best (or one of) the best lasagna’s he’s ever had, proving once and for all that vegetables aren’t entirely gross.

also the broccoli’s look a little bit burned but they’re supposed to be that way. they’re crispy and delicious and awesome.


my husband said this was the best meal from start to finish that he’s ever had. i’d have to agree! yay food! happy valentines day everyone.



WAIIIIIIIIT I’M NOT DONE! lol here’s some cute cards I printed and a cute assed picture of jack!

he thinks he can have these… I have news for him… he will perish if he attempts it.


This got wet at some point when i was rushing into clothing, and simultaneously cooking, cutting out this card, and cleaning the house, as mu husband was on his way home. 😦 poop. it’s still hilarious though!






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