old peoples stuff

today we went antiquing! My father in law owns a booth in a local antique mall, and my mother in law had never been, so we all went together today. it was  lot of fun, and i could easily see myself getting into antique goods. I took a few pictures of the things i thought were awesome/interesting. i could have stayed there forever just walking around, but alas it closed at 6! what a buzzkill.

This is awesome. dude it totally reminds me of bioshock, and it makes me entirely happy, and I didn’t buy it. I wish i had, because it’s awesome. It’s not life sized (unfortunately) I think if it had been I would have walked out of there with it.

oh hello german hand grenade! why you’re looking mightily deadly today!

I have a thing for weaponry/war memorabilia. there was so much stuff there that i would have purchased had i had the resources and funds lol. like:

this hand grenade! uh hello, awesome! and only 30$! I should have gotten it.

excuse me… what? WHAT!?!?! is that a fucking bazooka?!!?

you bet your bottom dollar it is! obviously it is not in working condition, but holy hell in a handbasket if i had like 650$ lying around i would buy the SHIT out of that thing. i would use it as a frigging statue in the corner lol and people would come in and be all “wtf is that!?”

why yes. yes it is.  it’s pretty much one of the coolest things i’ve ever seen in real life, that wasn’t in a museum.

now moving on to things that don’t kill anyone. I don’t have many pics of this stuff because I was a little entranced by the weapons of death.

look at this cute old vintage schwinn! I left my bike in Canada, so everytime I see a bike i’m all 🙂 “do want!”

these are cute, i want a pair of cute oldey white gloves, as i’m getting  a white coat soon. also a cloche. i want a cloche.

I was born in the wrong era.

so that’s pretty much it. we might even be going back tomorrow to get the divers mask thingy because i loved it, but my husband told me to think on it cause he feels like i’d regret it. *yeah right*


they also had an antique coach bag, that i kind of do want, but i have no clue how much it costs since i couldn’t see the price tag. it was pretty. I didn’t photograph it though.


k bai!


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