Soo today i went thrift shopping with my mother in law, and others,  we got a bunch of stuff… which i will show you tomorrow, because she took everything home to wash it for me, cause she is awesome.


i got like 6 shirts, 3 pairs of pants, and a hat, and my husband got 3 shirts, all for like 40$ so that’s awesome.


i’m also stocking up on wardrobe essentials since when i moved, I left everything back home. I’m getting a bunch of tank tops and stuff to wear under things, and bras and stuff. boring boring.

so for some reason to go to amish country I decided I needed to look like i wasn’t going to amish country. I wore this:

PEOPLE STARED AT ME! I don’t blame them. I don’t think people wear enough hats. actually most of what i’m wearing here was thrifted (hat,glasses,blazer, and boots) then i’m wearing an American apparel cat/body suit. so basically i was wearing nothing you would ever wear to amish country. or basically anywhere in ohio, and still look normal. i loved it. oh yes and i took this picture in a bob evans bathroom, and the waitress walked in and looked at me like i was mentally challenged, which i say “bitch i might be”.

ooh also i got some amish stuff!

first off, jerky.

this was some of the best jerky of my life! seriously it was super tender. yummo.

okay now on to less important stuff:

homemade raspberry jam ( I like jam a lot.) homemade hot/red pepper jelly. it’s good on sandwiches. real maple syrup. bay leaves (they were like 60 cents and i needed some lol) and gummi worms.


my husband got a donut that was probably the most delicious pastry i have ever placed into my mouth opening. I heard angels sing as i tasted its sweet nectar.


so there’s that.



also my husband told me i should never have a pun- title ever again. so he’s no fun anymore. poo face! lol


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