something is amish

tomorrow/today my mother in law, husband, aunt (in law?) and I are going to an amish store (and then various other shopping locations), they go I think about once a month, and i have never gone, so I am extremely excited. I’m gonna get a quilt!! Okay not really because they’re really expensive, but I’ve wanted a quilt forever…

It’s 2:45 am, and I can’t sleep so I’m probably just going to stay up all night, and just twiddle my thumbs, and play video games/watch stuff/ get ready for tomorrow…. my M-I-L said she’d be here at like 9:00, or 10. I’m pretty sure fueled by coffee I can make it till then.

In other news, my hair is getting longer. so long that I can almost do stuff with it again! like today I put it into a high bun. and yesterday I had pig-tails!




worlds smallest high bun!  i secretly love this hairstyle cause it makes me feel like I’m a ballerina. also disregard the state of my house (and my hair! I swear i do shower occasionally!) , I’m a slob.

so today jackelope was running through the house, and I actually thought to take a video of it! mostly because he can’t run on the hardwood, so he looks like a goofy awkward thing…. ah fuck it, who am i kidding, he is about 6-ish months, give or take. he’s a teenager, (i’d guess), and quite gangly lol his running is hilarious and goofy even when he’s NOT slipping and sliding around on hardwood floors. Also a lot of people have preconceived notions about how pit bulls act, and how they are. a lot of people that saw my dead space story said that they thought jackelope seemed mean, or mad, and that’s really not the case, he is just a crazy wonky fun loving puppy.



again, disregard the state of my house. I know I sure as heck do!



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