a recipe for disaster.

Today my husband and I went shopping, because he was off work for his toe thing, so this is what i got!



a frigging adorable recipe box, and recipe books! I’ve wanted a recipe box for awhile, to organize my favorite recipes, pretty much something like everyone’s mother ever, had. I love it. i can’t wait to stuff it full of my favorite recipes!

SO today i made a delicious sammich, of roasted red peppers, eggplant, portabello mushrooms, with feta and mozzarella cheese, and garlic mayo. gosh darn it was delicious.


I messed up like a million times, i burned the eggplant, and the mushrooms,  i used the wrong kind of bread, i added the garlic to the mushrooms instead of to the mayo. it didn’t really matter, it was amazing. AND my husband, who has the greatest aversion to vegetables in the history of life ever, ATE IT.

all of it.

and he LIKED it. ohh yeah goin in the recipe box.


This is the only one that looked even remotely etable. the other ones looked like vegetable slop. maybe that’ll learn me to use focaccia, instead of the italian round loaf i ended up using.


also because I am retarded and amusing, this is how i grilled the bread/sandwich.


lol the soother looks odd there. my husband was at the store with his friend, while me and another friend were making cookies. we told them to get an axe, a soother, and some condoms as a joke. they came back with axe body spray, and a soother… yeah, weird dudes.


oh yes, and today i ran out of (clean) clothing to wear, so i put together the most random items i had, and thus this outfit was born.


pretty sure this is what happens when you let children dress themselves. oddly enough i love that dress, it was my mothers when she was in her 20’s and for some reason it’s one of my favourites. the necklace is something my dad game me for my birthday that i’ve never worn because it’s an a bright owl, and where do you wear that? although i secretly wish i could wear it more because i kinda love it… the scarf was my cousins, from when she went to india. i was admiring it, and asked her where she got it, and she was all “india” and i was all 😦 oh” and she gave it to me, and it’s my favorite thing ever. so despite the fact that i looked like someone who escaped from the insane asylum, i was ultra confident all day.





One response to “a recipe for disaster.

  • Renée

    I love your outfit! Very avantgard and sentimental at the same time .. kind of melancholic and nostalgic. I am so happy you wear that scarf and think of me ! : D I miss you lover! xoxo

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