The Saint Valentine’s Day massacre.

At Christmas this year, my husband made the bold claim that he could kick the shit out of his oldest brother and hold his own against his other older brother and it’s been a bit of a running joke ever since. For a little more perspective on this, BOTH his brothers are police officers. They have been trained to kick butt. Yesterday we were at our/his nephews birthday party, and my husband mentioned that he actually wanted to fight his brother. His brother who has a good few inches, and about 40 lbs on my husband. oh yes, AND formal kickass training. His brother laughed and booked a sparring time at the police academy, in two mondays. Yeah, instead of doing something nice for valentines day, I will be mourning the death of my husband.

This is a short post, but uhh if anyone needs a date for this valentines day, I know a soon to be widow that will be sitting alone crying.


4 responses to “The Saint Valentine’s Day massacre.

  • thenakedlistener

    Ah, don’t fret about it. I’m sure your hubby could hold his own. If there’s a will, there’s always a way. He’s got you by his side, and that counts for a lot.

    I’m a scrawny, skinny little fry of 135 lbs and 5 feet 9, and I can hold my own against those twice as big, often with painful results for ‘them.’ If I can do it, so can your hubby. I mean, you guys have the guts to go down the basement, no?

  • tehmetalleer

    i can’t wait to hear how this goes down.

    all your husband needs is to know which joints are vulnerable xD

  • Ashley

    LOL my father in law said when his brother was going through training, the only person that could beat him was the trainer. dude. my husband will be murdered.

  • BelZoradon

    Although I highly doubt that anyone with such a pretty reason to get home is going to die, especially not to someone they have known their whole life. HOWEVER if he does die, you know how to get ahold of me, and its only a few hours drive from here.

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