exploring the basement

Today me and the husband decided to go explore more of the creepy basement. We found a box full of letters from a former tenant of my building, all from around 1997.

It’s very eery to find stuff like this, i looked up the people on facebook, and i found the girl that wrote the letters… She is now married with two kids. I did consider sending her a message asking if she would like the letters, but I didn’t want to stir up any possibly unpleasant memories.

anywhoo while I was looking at the letters, my husband wandered away to take pictures, leaving me alone and vulnerable to homeless man attacks.

look at how far he left me! I could have gotten killt! PS It is nowhere near that bright in there, again it’s the flash. you probably can’t see it in this picture, but there is a half eaten sandwich beside that chair. WTF?! lol


old tv is old.

and now for the letters/cards/notes (not all, there was lots.)


oh yeah and since everyone loves jackelope, I will let everyone know, he has decided his leash is now a tug of war toy.

Also if he gets any bigger he will be able to pull me over, quite easily. He’s very strong.


9 responses to “exploring the basement

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  • thenakedlistener

    Do you know how scary it is to see TV sets from the 1960s, half-eaten sandwiches and other people’s correspondence from yonks ago? I have chills down my spine just looking at the pictures.

  • Ashley

    Haha yes, yes I do. I mean I was hanging out down there, if you think it’s creepy seeing pictures i would not wish the real deal on you lol.

    • thenakedlistener

      The scariest part, of course, is the correspondence. You then realised these were actual people, who lived and loved and everything else at the place, and then something changed and they left, leaving all this stuff behind. And then you wonder why they would leave this part of their lives behind like this. And then the scary part kicks in (for people like me) – when’s it my turn??? Scaaaaary.

  • Renée

    Haha !! Scaaarry shit alright!!! I love the letters, that is really crazy you found such a personal thing like that .. do you think the girl (Kelly) is married to her one and only pea (Jeff)? Or do you think something went horribly wrong .. maybe he didn’t come back ! I guess you probably don’t want to publicize what was written in those letters just in case right !?
    If I was a bum I’d probably hang out down there .. maybe you should give him fresh water or something every night . lol!

    • Ashley

      Actually since i’m creepy, I found the girl on facebook… she’s married with two kids, and it’s not to the guy in the letters. I would have sent her a message asking if she wanted the letters and stuff, but I figured it would be a little too creepy.

  • gizcaw

    Years ago when I lived in a house apartment, I did the same thing, explored the basement. It wasn’t near as big as the basement in your pictures but there were a bunch of left over things from other tenants. The most peculiar being an old M72 LAW (light anti-armour weapon) launcher. Wiki link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M72_LAW

    I mean that’s not something you expect to find just laying around! Of course it wasn’t loaded, but it was still pretty cool. I didn’t know what it was so I didn’t play around with it much. I ended up selling it for $20 to a friend of mine who was in the military and collected that sort of thing.

    Still a strange thing to find in a basement just laying around. Anyway, that’s the first thing I thought of when reading your post and I figured I’d share it. 🙂

  • Steffanio

    I wonder if those coupons have an expiry date…


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