New stuff!

So today we went out and spent what was left of our wedding gift money. We got new bedspreads for both our beds, I got a tv, we got dishes and cutlery, and all sorts of cool stuff… So we’re pretty much set for anything we could ever need now. Our apartment looks like people live in it, rather than the  barebones bed, tv, and couch it was when i got here.

When I first moved in here, my husband had 1 dish, one cutlery set, and a knife that didn’t even cut anything… we now have an automan, and throw cushions  and bed-sets, and matching dishes a cooking supplies, and even a stand mixer, and a bookshelf and it’s all very girl-ified.

Okay moving on.. Our second bed, is a sleeping nook. for months i have been planning on making it mine, and it’s slowly getting there. I need a few more things to make it awesomer. (awesomer is a word, bite me.)

this is our nook:


things i want to add:

  • curtains.
  • more pillowss. (lots more)
  • a tv!
  • yo momma *j/k*

we’re looking for a  wall mount that will work for the space, and shelving that will hold my 360. a lot of the reason I’m doing this is because we’re both gamers (My husband and I, I mean) and a lot of the time one of us won’t play games because of spoilers or whatever. As well as the fact that when we both play, we’re in the same room so there’s noise interference (and he screen peeks, that arsehole lol)

so THIS:


television will eventually (Hopefully) be in the nook, my husband will get his tv stand back, and I’ll get an awesome semi secluded place to game.


In other news I can’t get over how THIN new tv’s are. It’s crazy to me…


also I feel like this post seems braggy, but it really isn’t meant to be, I just get excited by new things.


as a sidenote, the power went off in my kitchen today, while i was making coffee and lunch at the same time, and i had to go into the basement to switch the breaker. Usually my husband handles this, because for some reason we have the scariest basement of all time ever.


we live in an older building, that probably once was just a huge house. our basement is filled with everything any tenant has ever left here when they moved out. It’s also pretty much open and unlocked at all times, and i’m pretty sure a homeless person uses it as shelter.



It’s like the set of  horror movie down there LOL i was 95% sure I was going to get murdered. It also has no lighting, the only reason it looks light-ish is because my camera has a flash. (And we don’t own a flashlight 😦 )


On the other side of it though, it looks like it has some cool stuff shoved in its dark recesses (behind where i was standing there is furniture and boxes of stuff). I think I may force my husband to explore it with me…And by that i mean protect me, while i explore it.



Oh yeah, and since people have been asking on the Internet, Hell no I am not planning to ever sell my picture or game. That will probably be featured in my old age home one day.


3 responses to “New stuff!

  • Renée

    shit .. people were asking you to sell your new shit?? What jackals !! Anyway, I think that’s great stuff and let me know what you find in the dark recesses of your basement .. perhaps a skeleton!! Halloweeny!! lol! I am doing my gym class by correspondence and went for a walk yesterday, it felt nice!

  • thenakedlistener

    Your basement looks real eery…

  • Ashley

    Yeah, it’s highly terrifying down there.

    Renee, people were saying stuff like “how long until we see this on ebay?” and stuff like that, so i had to clarify that I’d never do that.

    LOL we will totally make a blog post about what we find in the basement including more creepy pictures, probably. lol

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