About Jack (And internet comments). Now with more capitalization.

Well firstly i would like to answer a few questions people have been asking.

There is a good chance you are reading this, which means I am NOT as people have previously guessed, illiterate. As a matter of fact, before Yesterday my blogs daily readership was about 5.  The most posts ever viewed in one day was a whopping 50, so i was fairly unconcerned with my grammar. Seeing as most of my blogs are typed out in little under a a few minutes or so, or so usually at the last minute, and mostly only read my family and my husband (who don’t care that 99.99% of the time I sound like I belong in a secial ed class.) I never had a reason to bother. I’m sure my grammar will never be perfect, but I will make more of an effort.

Honestly I never expected this story to spread as far as it did.  I first posted it on a relatively small forum I frequent, and someone from there thought it was an interesting story and asked if they could post it on NeoGAF, so I made up a blog post quickly (as I’m taking the oneaday/postaday challenge, and needed to make a post anyways) and linked it.

It snowballed from there, being posted on Kotaku’s front page, and then reddit (thanks to Stoite, one of my good friends for posting it for me.) and then various other sites picked up on it, and suddenly my grammar was being attacked by the whole entire interwebs. Not cool man. Not cool.

Anyhow, moving on.

“what kind of dog is that?”

Jackelope (better known as Jack) is a Pitbull and or a pit mix. He is not vicious, and I am sure he never intended to break my game.

One day in early December, my husband and I were planning a party. He went to the store to get snacks, He came back with this bundle of doggy goodness. Jack was beat up, skinny, starving and absolutely freezing. We asked at the shelter if they had any missing reports of a dog with his description, but there were none. We posted ads on Craigslist, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as combing missing dog sites, but nobody was looking for him.  He is estimated at about 6 months (give or take) and easily excited, as he is still a puppy.

When I moved into my husbands house, the only available plug was  too far from the television to have my 360 horizontally. It could reach vertically, but just barely. Sure I could have moved the television, but the shelves on the tv stand were full anyways, so I figured “Hey, i’ll just leave this upright” at the time we didn’t have pets/a dog, so it wasn’t a big deal. Then when we found him it didn’t occur to me that he would be here that long, and frankly i didn’t think about it.

Lesson learned. (Please excuse the dust, old places tend to be like that.)

A lot of people have said that I don’t/didn’t deserve that. I agree. I didn’t ask for it, and I did nothing to warrant getting a free game. Shoot I was going to go out right away and get a new one that night, but luck decided to shine in my favour. I don’t want to make it seem like I am not incredibly grateful, because I am. I’m just trying to make it clear that I was in no way trying to get anything free, or anything like that. it’s simply that my game broke, I was sad, and posted about it. The right person was it, and decided to be incredibly nice. Again, thank-you so much.  I honestly just wanted to let few people that are close to me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I had no clue this would be all over the Internet.

Also a lot of people posted  that if i was a guy, none of this would have happened. I am pretty sure there are similar stories out there in the gaming community that happened to dudes.  Off the top of my head, I think bungie gave the dude who’s signed 360 was wiped when he got the RROD a lot of cool stuff stuff, and I may be wrong but I thought the kid that was tricked into thinking he was getting an xbox 360 for christmas was given an xbox from someone too… (that one i could be wrong about, but i heard it).

So, I am very sorry that I was in the right place at the right time… I’ll try not to do that ever again to appease you, you fickle internet masses. 🙂

P.S. Did I mention thank-you again? and thank-you to all the people that got warm and fuzzy inside, instead of complain-ey and mean

P.P.S Damn you, grammar nazis as I know in advance this will be nitpicked despite the fact that it now comes with 60% more capitalization.

*shakes fist*


13 responses to “About Jack (And internet comments). Now with more capitalization.

  • Alicia Blogs

    I hate when people pick at my grammer too because I don’t give a shit and just type out whatever I want. Then I just click publish without re-reading it. If it bugs people so much, then stop reading it.

    Also this whole thing that happened is great and don’t let people bring you down, they are just pissed they didn’t get this cool ass gift from EA! Good things come to good people. You weren’t looking for a freebie, so this is why this happened. The guy from EA saw you were a genuine gamer and was just doing a nice thing for a fellow gamer. So enjoy it and don’t let this experience turn into something negative because people are jealous. Honestly fuck em 🙂

  • Emma

    I’m astonished anyone would give you a hard time about your post. It’s a great story about people doing a kind thing and somebody being happy, and there really aren’t enough stories like that on the internet. (Or in the world.) People really are odd, and they get upset about the strangest things.

    Anyway, the stroppy, jealous people are surely a tiny minority. I hope it hasn’t done anything to spoil what should be a really nice, happy story for you to tell people.

  • thenakedlistener

    Hi, you’re grammar’s fine. I’ve been a professional editor for a long, long time in several different countries, so I know what I’m talking about. Pay no attention to the grammar nazis. Your way of writing is your most endearing quality – which was why I subscribed to your blog. Think not too much about grammar, as that is the secret poison to kill unselfconscious writers.

  • Jake

    Just saw your story on joystiq.com and exactly like how Emma say’s, I to am amazed on how many and just anyone for that matter would be giving you (or anyone quite frankly) grief over something like this. I’m actually really happy for you and that someone within a game company just happened to see your story and was able to come through like they did.

    Plus it’s not like you got anything for “free” anyways. You had already went out and paid for your copy of Dead Space 2 and it just so happened to get messed up. If anything it’s like you got a replacement disc really. You could have easily just taken it back to the store and “lied” that it came that way when you opened it up and just wanted to exchange it for the same thing, or even just said it didn’t work. 9 times out of 10 they’re just going to open the case and make sure the disc is in there, they hardly ever take it out and look at the disc to see if it’s damaged or something. Even so, it’s not like you went and purposely scratched it, the 360 did, so your probably entitled to a replacement either way?

    Either way though, those people are just jealous that they happened to sign your copy as well. That’s probably the coolest thing. Believe it or not, but I actually had a similar issue as well, with Dead Space 2 no less!!!

    Long story short, I was able to get DS2 for only $30 at Kmart through their BOGO 1/2 off promo. I just happened to post about it in a forum because at the time I didn’t know they had a BOGO promo nor the actual stipulations for the 2nd game to be half off. I went to get COD Black Ops because they had it for $47 with a free 1600 XBLA point card. I decided to also pick up the limited edition of DS2 on PS3 since that was the only version that came with DS Extraction. Anyways, they went and tried different things because when they rang up DS2 they saw it was part of the BOGO promo, but didn’t know why it didn’t lower either COD or DS2 automatically, as that’s what their register/system should have done and since the guy mentioned that it was a BOGO promo I was now interested in getting one of them half off since I’m short on money as it is and I waited this long to get COD just till it was on sale cause I’ve been unemployed since 12/21/09 and I’m a single father with 3 kids, so times are definitely hard here and there. With DS2, I wasn’t going to open it right away since I still need to finish the first game and plus I was just getting it since it was just these first batch or 2 of releases that was getting the limited edition offer with DS Extraction. So I figured if I needed money again I would just take it back, but that I should be ok since I should be doing my income tax soon and getting that back within 2 maybe 3 weeks.

    So after they tried different things and saw their system didn’t automatically lower any of the prices the manager just decided to override the price and gave it to me for $29.99 along with COD Black Ops with the free point card for $47.99. So total for both was like a little over $80…

    It wasn’t till I got home that I saw a post/story on G4TV’s site that showed this week’s video game deals and that’s where it showed Kmart’s BOGO 1/2 off promo, but the way it’s supposed to work is that the person needs to also get either Mass Effect 2 (PS3 version) or Little Big Planet 2 and THEN any other game reg priced $59.99 would be 1/2 off… When they were trying different combination of games to see if something would trigger the auto discount, we just didn’t try either ME2 or LBP2. So naturally of course people think I scammed Kmart and or I was lying and knew how the deal really worked but tricked them and whatever else…

    So anyways, great story and again happy someone at EA did what they did for you. Don’t worry about other people, they’re just jealous and probably just grumpy all around and don’t care for anything nice to happen to people (except them of course)… Good luck in life and keep on gaming!!!!

  • joshua

    lol @ “grammar nazis”… reminds me of my english teacher from 11th grade… she cringed when i would write essays and use the word “alot”… but nevertheless i saw your story on gameinformer.com and best of luck to you on round 2…

  • Another Joshua

    I like the responses on this article more than some of the commentary I’ve seen, that’s one thing I know for sure.

    It’s tetsuo and I’s fault you had to see the envy and hate (he had the NeoGAF thread, I tipped a couple sites), but something that spontaneously generous shouldn’t be ignored.

    Visceral really did you a solid, and one man from their company displayed the labor of love the whole crew took in making such an amazing game.

    I don’t know if you saw Ian’s reply to NeoGAF, but it was awesome. Reminded me of my childhood, when I used to send letters to companies asking to be a game tester. Of course, I didn’t understand the process, as I was too young.

    Still, I got a lot of “sorry, but thank you” replies and that was really cool. A fellow from Viacom even sent me a couple of Nickelodeon games via FedEx: GUTS and AAH! Real Monsters! I couldn’t be a game tester, but it resolved my faith in videogaming.

    You now have mementos from one of the best survival horror series around. You got a copy of the game signed by the people that made it, and Isaac Clarke reprimanded your dog.

    If that’s not a reaffirmation to keep on loving videogames, I don’t know what is.

  • E-Lore

    Your story now has officially reached Germany 😉
    I’m lucky I just own guinea pigs 😉 They can only try to eat my cables if I don’t watch them..which I usually do when I let them run around 😉



  • Tony

    haters gon’ hate! congrats again 😀

  • Renée

    Yeah man ! Hater’s gon’hate! They’re just insanely jealous because you got to fulfill their wet dream of ever getting any sort of attention from someone important at the top! Also, you did it completely unawares and unsuspecting .. If anyone I know ever deserved this in their lives it is you! They don’t know your life or all the shit you’ve had to put up with .. I know this is just the beginning of your karmic cash in! Love it .. and don’t apologize for those losers! If they want to nit pick your grammar !! Fuck them .. they have no life! Grammar is for suckers!
    Love you!

  • Giz

    wut is this bout preper spalling and stif? i dant evn. 🙂

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