the internet comes through! (thank you)

wow. words cannot describe how amazingly happy i am right now…but to tell this story i have to start at the very beginning.

( i’m going to say in advance that i am not naming names unless i have permission just cause i don’t think anyone wants a slew of people contacting them for free stuff.)


it all started (on my side of the story anyways lol) awhile ago when they first announced dead space 2. i was so extremely excited as i was absolutely in love with the first one. until i read more articles about it, they were claiming that for dead space 2 they were going to tone down the horror. i was well… horrified!

so like all nerdy internet addicted people when they come across news that bothers them, i went straight to my favorite place to bitch (twitter lol). and bitch i did.

then someone from EA sent me a message claiming that it was going to be awesome anyways. i think there was a verbal exchange and i vowed to follow them, and give them shit personally if dead space 2 wasn’t as awesome as the first (i’m spunky like that lol). i forgot all about it, until dead space 2 came out.



i needn’t have worried. it was everything i wanted in a sequel, and better yet, it was even scarier. if my mother were alive, she would have hated it. i LOVED it. and then the unthinkable happened… while i was playing it, my dog knocked over my 360, causing me to head to twitter and do again what i did all that time ago. i bitched.  liquid escaped my face, as my whole gaming world went dark and ugly. i tried everything from cleaning it, to trying to install it. nothing worked.

around the same time, i @replied the same person from EA saying that it was awesome. because as much as i had played so far, it WAS awesome.


then a miracle happened (for me) that person saw my tweets about my doggy, and what happened. and sent me a direct message that said simply “DM me your address”.


i was insanely excited, but i didn’t want to get my hopes up for potentially nothing. for all i knew  i was going to get a gang of ninjas or hitmen at my house. (i made sure to say please don’t send me any, but you never know with the internet!)


then today i got a package on my doorstep.. at first i was like ” whaa? i didn’t order anything!” and then i opened it. it was awesome. it was amazing. it was WAY more than i EVER expected. i found myself leaking liquid from my face again, but this time in the happiest form of the way. this was BY FAR the nicest thing anyone (especially anyone i didn’t even know) has ever done for me. so without further ado,  this is the nice/amazing/awesome thing that was done :


all of that blog entry, was JUST to say. thank you. thank you to everyone and anyone involved in this. you have made a fellow gamer so so happy.  there is no words to describe how lucky i feel for this. thank you.  i will always remember this.



p.s i would have made this blog immediately after i got it, but i had to go out and buy a frame right away. my doggy has a new habit of eating loose papers around the house, and i didn’t want anything to happen to this.


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