i don’t really feel like making a post today. i know it’s kind lame, but i am sooo uninspired. it’s hard as heck to type with the fake nails my grandmother got me for the wedding. i’ve never had any before, it’s really weird.


someone asked where me and my husband were both from, and if we got any presents. i am from Ontario, Canada, and my husband is from ohio, USA. we did get presents… i think mostly because we had a reception, even though we eloped.


us and our presents. not how shitty we look. we were QUITE hungover. we got a lot more cash/gift cards than we did presents. so far with that we’ve purchased a keurig, a bedset, pillows,& a cookbook holder. we also now have like 5 crock pots lol. also fuck yeah an ice cream maker. whoop whoop.


also since i promised i would post pictures of the favours ( and then forgot)



so thats about it today. because ugh.


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