everybody loves a wedding!

i am taking a break from the one word post names, cause i don’t think i can describe how awesome last night was with one word. see we’ve BEEN married, but we had a reception yesterday. i have been talking about it for weeks. so here’s what happened. we all went for lunch at a fancy place, and then i got my nails done for the first time ever, and then we went to macy’s and they were doing free makeovers so i told her it was my wedding and she made me super fancy, and then we walked back to the hotel and got dressed and did our hurrs, then we all piled into two cars, and made our way to the restraunt we were having the reception at. and all of it was awesome, and i have many many pictures.

of course i want to show them all, but i’ll just share my faves here…


we got my cousin to take pictures!

this took about as much concentration as my face shows. bows are hard.


i like this cause it shows off our weirdness lol.


this looks WAY less pg than it was. lmao.


did not realize this was sideways when i uploaded it. whoops!


i don’t know what happened when this was taken, but we clearly look stunned as fuck.


this is dave’s nephew. we were hiding in the coats.


we had no clue how to cut the cake, and thus looked stupid for like 5 minutes like “uhh what do we do?”



this is the last photo of the night. by that point anyone still able to operate a camera was gone. we were drinking out of the wine carafs (sp?) at that point so we were all pretty much obliterated. yay weddings.



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