oh god.

today is THE DAY BEFORE OUR WEDDING! just wanted to stress the urgency of that one there. my family had about a 99 problems (but thankfully a bitch was not one) getting here. apparently the border dude was absolutely convinced we planned all along to get married, and thus decided to tell my family how much he thought i was a fucking scumbag. all this while interrogating them, and generally being all around not nice.

see what happened was, me and my now husband had been broken up. on october 26th 2010 my mother passed away. at the end of november,  he visited me, pretty much as a friend to try and take my mind off of things… he convinced me to come back with him…just to see how things would go. i packed up my rats(couldn’t find a pet sitter on such IMMEDIATE notice, and i’m cheap), and my slow cooker (oddly my most prized possession)  all my games, and 360 because SHIT i used to bring all my games with me on weekend trips to my mothers. you just NEVER know. and a bag of clothes.  i left my cousin 425$ for my half of the rent even. shit if i had been planning on getting married why the fuck would i have payed rent!? thats 400 dollars i COULD have spent on shoes! sooo about two weeks into my visit we got married. we had been engaged before, and the breakup was pretty much because we (he) couldn’t handle the being apart  properly.

anywhoo there is a special little visa for people PLANNING on getting married, and moving to the states. it’s called the K-1 visa. we totally would have submitted this visa. IF WE HAD BEEN FUCKING PLANNING ON GETTING MARRIED AND MOVING TO THE STATES.

i may be a little upset.

also i was gone ALL day today picking up family at the airport and whatnot. OH god but i missed my doggie. he’s legit like my best buddy. what am i gonna do when i have to get a job?!


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