doggy. again.

do you happen to know what this is?

i can tell you what it used to be. it USED to be a tennis ball. for some reason our doggy had become destructive.  thankfully only with toys. he has gone through 4.5 toys THIS WEEK. the last tennis ball was a pile of dust. yes seriously…

i know a lot of people heard this story, and a lot of people may not have. my xbox 360 was just casually minding it’s business, playing games and shit, when my dog, excited by something in the window, decided to come along and murder my hopes of ever playing dead space 2 again. he knocked over my xbox, and then looked at me pathetically when i got mad like “why u mad mommy! i luv u!!” i swear if that dog didn’t let me do pretty much whatever i wanted with him, i would honestly want to kick his arse.

but any dog that lets you do this with him, has to be a good’un right? right!?!

the look of doggy embarrassment is almost too much to handle. it’s awesome.


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