Today, i FINALLY got my wedding rings.  i’m so excited!!! it’s like now i am finally married. they fit perfectly,  which is funny because i just guessed my size.

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! (and lol at how bony/ weird my hands look. i used to work in landscaping dammnit! they’re the hands of a hard worker!)

ok moving on.

i ALSO got dead space 2 which i mean you need to own this game. go out and buy it now.

so anyways i have been thinking long and hard about body jewelery. see i have piercings…(you may or may not have noticed lol) and i have a conundrum. to wear, or not to wear (in regards to the “wedding”)

the way i see it, right now, my piercings express who i am, AT the moment. but i am not entirely sure they will express who i am forever…. i don’t want to look back at my wedding pictures and think “what the hell was i thinking!” so i am not entirely sure yet if i will be wearing them or not. i’m pretty torn. on one hand they’re a part of me, and i should celebrate that part of myself, but on the other hand i want to look classy on my wedding day. what say you readership?


3 responses to “jewelery.

  • Renée

    I think most people look back at their wedding pictures at some point in their lives and think “what the hell was I thinking!” whether it’s the pouffy hair, sleeves or something else that could be pouffy ! As long as it’s not the man, you’re good as far as I’m concerned. Anyway, pictures always depict us in the moment. If you like your piercings wear them! Who cares about class .. class is all about the action ! The person! If your awesome looking .. maybe you’ll look back and say .. “fuck yeah ! look how badass I look at my wedding and I even wore my piercings !! I’m fucking rockin!” lol! or something like that! it’s really up to you though Ash! xo

  • Renée

    pretty ring too! bling bling!!

  • Ashley

    i think i agree. and thanks!

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