today, i saved the galaxy. as a certain commander shepherd, i defeated my enemies, and saved the goddamn day. it’s insane how good it feels to finish a game… sometimes it really does feel like you’re saving the day. you get all engrossed, and by the time you’re done, you feel like you deserve a pat on the back.

it’s almost like i really accomplished something today.


as a side note, beating mass effect 2 brought my gamerscore over 20k (FINALLY)



and i have a eensy weensy crush on jack. ❤ which is coincidentally my dogs name lol. but i mean the mass effect 2 character. pic related. she’s hawt.


3 responses to “hero.

  • Renée

    that is an amazing looking character! check out my new video on my blog I made today .. it’s kind of melodramatic or something .. but whatever. Drama!

  • Cody Winn

    I kinda liked Jack, though at one point I said something wrong and she wrote me off forever, ha ha. So, I had to go with the built-for-the-ridiculous-male-view-of-perfection Maranda. Though the one I really dig is the Kelly, who helps you as your secretary (I forget the actual term they use). She’s awesome.

  • Ashley

    LOL you could totally go all the way with kelly. i took her for a nice seafood dinner, but i never called her again, cause i liked jack.

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