so my family is going to be here in like 4 days , and i am so very highly excited! i have to clean this apartment, and that’s stressing me out. every time me dad comes into a place i live, he feels the need to criticize something…. i want it to look okay, because even though my dad is an arsehole, i think i’m genetically designed to want to please my parents, secretly. well parent, now. i have no picture today because today was a very uneventful day. i pretty much fell asleep arounr 1:30 pm, and woke up at 5 pm when my husband came home.


my rings shipped today. if  i happen to get them before my “wedding” i will be absolutely the happiest person ever.


my mother in law’s sister said she is making me a headpiece/veil/something. i don’t know if she is kidding or not lol so this should be interesting. she measured my head, so i have to assume she isn’t kidding.


that’s about all i’ve got. i’m lame.


4 responses to “excitement.

  • Cody Winn

    Ooh, I love cleaning. Of course, I wait until the last minute to do so, so usually my room/house looks terrible most of the time, ha ha.

  • tehmetalleer

    good luck with the cleaning and stuffs!

  • Alicia Blogs

    My husband’s family always criticized the place where we were in. Guess they didn’t get that we were young and just starting out! We are now finally in a house that we love and is really nice, prettiest house I ever lived in actually. But when they came down, they criticized the location saying it seemed like it was out in the middle of no where. (there is a shopping center up the street and everything). /sigh sometimes you can never win. Just make sure you are happy!!

  • Ashley

    aww yeah i’m super lucky that my husbands family is AWESOME. lol his mom when we were in the car together was all ” i know you had a mom, but if you want you can think of me as a mom too.” ❤ i'm so lucky for that..

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