tonight we made the favours for our wedding. 50 neatly packed little boxes of candies all tied with a neat little white bow. it was kinda fun actually, i like doing stuff like that…

in other news our dog is getting far too big! i was carrying him around (because i treat him like a small lap dog still) and i realized his is too big for me to be carrying around now…. given that he weighs a little less than half my bodyweight. anyways this blog is turning almost entirely into a blog about my “wedding” and dog, but fuck you, it’s my blog and i’ll do what i want! (not that anyone was complaining that i know of, but whatevs)


lol in this pic he’s looking like “OMG MOOOOOOOMMMMMM YOU’RE EMBARRASING!!”  and i have no clue why i always have a goofy expression in pictures. cameras make me weird.


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