so i am having a wedding reception in 8 days. i have had no hand in this, (my mother in law planned it in its entirety) but now i am entirely freaking out, because what do you wear for your own wedding reception… this will be the last chance i ever get to have a “real” wedding, in the traditional sense, even if it’s not very traditional really and yes even if i would like to believe otherwise, that is a HUGE deal to me.

when my husband and i got married i was caught up in the spontaneity of eloping. after my mothers death my attitude was a little “fuck it, you only live once” but you also only get married once, and a “fuck it” attitude isn’t the right kind of attitude to have going into a marriage.


so i bought a dress. i payed to have it express shipped so it would get here on time, and when i got it, IT DIDN’T FIT. it was also all kinds of wrong for the event, being super casual.

now i’m freaking out again. i don’t know a bride in the WORLD who doesn’t want to feel beautiful at their “wedding”. even though this isn’t really a wedding…i want to pretend it is. because if not i will never have a wedding. i will never be a beautiful new bride.  😦


2 responses to “freakout.

  • Renée

    Oh man .. what a dilemma!! You will look beautiful ! I will help you! I want to .. :S I don’t know if I can .. I can do your hair!! lol!! I will make myself look like a dirt bag so you look beautiful no matter what! lol!<3

  • Ashley

    lol i was going to ask memere to do my hair! but you can! oh man you should stay with us! lol except we have a doggy so you’d die, but we have a nook bed you could stay in! i miss you 😦

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