i took a long break from one a day. one could even say i failed. frankly i was feeling a lot of pressure to just put out “SOMETHING” every day, and it was frustrating me. i know that’s kind of silly, but it happens i guess. whenever you give something “fun” a deadline, it suddenly becomes work, and less fun.


this weekend i talked to my aunt. she said she saw my blog and stared to cry, because she misses me… she put in to words perfectly how i feel… i’m homesick and a little sad…


for those of you who read this (nobody lol) and don’t know me, i was born/lived my whole life in Ottawa Ontario. i just married a man from Ohio, so it’s a safe bet to say i am a little out of my element being 650+ miles from home, and everyone/thing i know. i started doing one a day so that i could have some sort of structure in my life, but it just became a chore. sorry about that!


5 responses to “failure.

  • Renée

    Hey sweet . Yeah .. she saw it cause I showed her. I wanted her to see what you were writing because I thought it was good. But i am coming to your wedding !!! or whatever dinner thingy .. but I am coming to visit you!! Yay I can’t wait ! Hang in there Ash , you’ll get a huge dose of family at the end of the month! xoxo

  • Ashley

    i know i’m so excited! i love you!

  • tehmetalleer

    Don’t stop posting, just post when you can.

    I enjoy reading these. Good luck with everything! 🙂

  • BelZoradon

    I had noticed you went missing, welcome back. I’ve enjoyed reading so far, its a good format and the pics are fun. Do it when you can but don’t let it ruin the fun.

  • Cody Winn

    Like others have said, just blog when you can and when it makes you happy to do so. After all, One A Day is about people coming together and enjoying themselves writing, not feeling pressure to write when they can’t.

    So please keep writing, as I love your blogs, but do it at your own pace 🙂

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