sorry! 😦

have a cute photograph of my doggy to make up for the fact that my post is about 27 minutes too late, and has no picture of me.

today i put the movie changeling into my 360, and started watching it. at like 9:45. i had NO idea that movie was so long, and i didn’t even get to see the end because the disc was unreadable on like the last chapter.

oddly i feel like shit for being late… i know it’s not really THAT serious, but i kinda feel a little bit like crying… how could i fail at something so simple and writing a few words down a day… i suck.

lol i found this funny, someone found my blog yesterday by searching for “im fucked off with being fucked up”…. me too random internet person. me too. ❤


2 responses to “fuck.

  • Renée

    why does it have to be at a certain time? Maybe you should do a post about how early you need to do your posts! lol! As for me , as long as its once a day, it’s ok! But .. hey, I was secretly trying to do one a day unofficially and missed a day because I was at my friends and drunk .. oh well. I caught up.

  • Ashley

    it doesn’t have to be at a certain time of day, but it does have to be once a day. i was late, by like 30 minutes… it doesn’t REALLY matter i guess, but i still feel disappointed.

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