look how messy my living room is y’all! (and i never say y’all in real life btw)

when i was 14, i was biking to school with my boyfriend at the time. i was going to my grade nine exams. a car was turning right onto the street i was biking down. he looked left to see if any cars were coming, and then proceeded to turn right without checking for pedestrians. i was the pedestrian he should have checked for.

i was 14, and thought i was too cool for a helmet. i thought i wouldnt ever get hurt….. i mean what were the odds! 7 hours in the hospital later, a mild concussion, and i am still overly cautious, and paranoid i’ll get hit again. (and i ALWAYS wear a helmet now)

in other news, i will find a spot for pictures soon enough. right now i’m using the big mirror for self photos cause i can see myself in it on the screen of my camera, but i have to duck/crouch to get myself in the shot, and i kinda think i need a “SPOT”. i’ll work on that this week.

also this post is early cause i think we’re going out to dinner, and a movie tonight. unless my husband lied to me! which is entirely possible.


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