i got a BRAND new camera today!  i don’t know when this dislike began. probably at some point when i was overweight, (i was overweight btw) i developed (hehe get it, cause i’m talking about cameras) a dislike of cameras… my grandmother once took a picture of me, and i made her delete it. honestly a lot of it is because i think i am wholly unattractive, bordering on disgusting, and i don’t want people to see me. /depressingness

in other news, my hair is messed up, my eyeliner looks insane. i think i am going to need to like shower, and apply makeup properly with this new camera, if i want to look respectable.

don’t judge me internet.

also my nose ring is always crooked. that annoys me.


6 responses to “pictures.

  • Pete Davison

    You look just fine to me, Ashley. 🙂 The pics you’ve taken for your blog so far have plenty of character to them. I think it’s the scribbled notes.

    I hate having my picture taken, too. I do that thing Chandler did in Friends, if you remember that. I find it difficult to do a convincing smile. Or indeed any facial expression that doesn’t leave me looking like a complete tool.

    Hence the fact you will only find images of me as a clumsily-drawn stickman on my own blog. 🙂

  • Cody Winn

    Aww. You’re beautiful! Or at the very least, highly cute 🙂

    I know how you feel though. Two years ago I looked at myself in disgust in the mirror. I hated how I looked. However, I started thinking positively thanks to a very special person. She showed me how to look at myself in a new light, so though I still want to trim some of my thigh/belly fat, I love myself now. Every goofy inch of me ^__^ it’s a hard thing to do, but I’m glad I got to this point. I always hope others do too.

  • Ashley

    oh man yeah i am totally awkward in front of cameras. actually one of the main reasons i wanted to start this blog was so that i could try to be more comfortable in front of cameras. i always look awkwardly around. i don’t know of the chandler thing lol friends was a long time ago.

    aww cody that’s super cute, i’m glad you found someone who helped you think more positively! that’s great… i really find it hard, but it’s a great thing to work towards.

  • David D

    OMG you got your vert back!

  • Renée

    You’ve always been beautiful to me! And one of the reasons I don’t like pictures of me is because of the double chin effect ! I think I know this to be something that bothers you as well !! Keep getting over your fears lover !! The only way is to face them head on!!

  • Ashley

    haha yeah, i missed the vert.

    yeah renee i think our family has like crepe paper skinned chins in our dna or something. it’s probably one of the reasons, but definitely not all of them.

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