when i was younger, my (now ex, if step-siblings can become ex’s) step brother ALWAYS ate mangoes. i tried one once later on when i got older, and i find them to be horribly disgusting

the kicker is that i love the smell of mangoes, both real, and manmade (like mango scented stuff)

this post is both late, and very uninspired, but our dog had a playdate, so we were out late. our doggy has a little girlfriend! ❤ ahh puppy love. that’s all.


6 responses to “mangoes.

  • tehmetalleer

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? They’re so yummy though! 😛

  • Ashley

    LOL they taste like wood and dirt to me.

  • Pete Davison

    I like the taste of mangoes but the weird texture really puts me off. They feel weird and “furry” in my mouth. And when I think of “furry” fruit, I think of mouldy fruit. Ugh.

  • Alicia @ AliciaBlogs

    Aw I love Mangoes! I didn’t have them till I was 17 or so and been hooked ever since. I found you have to eat them at the right time though, because if it’s to early or to late they taste yucky. And puppy love is always cute 😀

  • Ashley

    ahh i might have eaten them too early or late, i don’t know… they tasted woody to me. it was just..unappealing

  • Renée

    haha .. actually, I have sort of given up on all exotic foods as a whole. I know it makes me seem like such a whitey .. that’s okay with me though. I’ll stick with my apples thanks. Sometimes you’re like .. hey , yeah that smells so good, I would like to try some .. or that is such a pretty color .. give me some. and you put it in your mouth and it tastes like death or something completely disgusting .. exotic fruit do not live up to their smells and appearances.

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