once when i was a little kid, someone told me that seaweed could wrap itself around your leg and drag you under to a horrible death by drowning. i have been terrified of seaweed ever since.

this was all made worse by the fact that i grew up on a beach. there was always an abundance of seaweed EVERYWHERE.

PS. i am hiding my face because i am feeling a little bit uggo today.  it could be because i havent slept much, and haven’t showered yet. which is gross because it’s like 10 pm.


One response to “seaweed.

  • Pete Davison

    I heard that seaweed story too. Then I tried eating it from a Chinese restaurant (even though it’s clearly not the same thing) and I was all like “Hah! Who’s in charge NOW, seaweed mofo?”

    In another notable incident, one night after we’d finished a run of a particularly stressful theatrical production, we had an aftershow party that went on until 6am the next day and somehow found itself on the bank of our local river. One of our number (not me, and I’d like to emphasise that point) decided to taste some of the seaweed that had washed up on the shore and proudly proclaimed to the early-morning Southampton air in a bellowing voice that it “tasted of oil and poo”. He spat it out pretty quickly after that.

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