That’s right, i am starting my second post off on something relatively controversial. babies. they are entirely creepy. they look like small little aliens. i mean in any OTHER instances, a parasitic growth inside someone for 9+ months sucking up their nutrients and then bursting from said host in a bloody gory mess would be fucked up right? the stuff of horror films even. why babies. why are you so creepy.

to top it all off, they don’t UN-creepy for like months or even YEARS in some cases.

they give me the heeby jeebies.  i don’t really know how to end this post.


5 responses to “babies.

  • beatifnik

    Finally! Someone else gets it! You just verbalised my feelings entirely on the whole baby subject. It’s just weird. I have small cousins/nephews/etc. but it still freaks me out. Good post and good luck with #oneaday!

  • Ashley

    haha yeah they’re incredibly weird to me.

  • Renée

    yes . I agree, although I do like babies, what you are saying is completely true. and only proves further that humans themselves are a parasitic race of biology. also I find kids can be way more creepy than babies in some circumstances.

  • Pete Davison

    Yeah. Babies are not only creepy, but they speak their own language that mostly consists of making incredibly loud, irritating noises which don’t mean the same from one incident to the next.


    “Oh, you want changing?”


    “Oh, you’re hungry?”


    “WHAT IS IT NOW?!”

    Keep it up, Ashley, really enjoying your posts.

  • R. Thomas

    Glad to see a fellow baby-disliker out there – and a female one to boot. Good to see you haven’t got you drinking the Kool-Aid yet.

    Also, good luck on joining One A Day! Don’t let lack of experience deter you, damnit!

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